What we do

The making of affordable homes

It’s a mountain but a rewarding climb

A lot of people have to come together to make an affordable housing development a reality. Sometimes it can stretch out to be a couple year process from first conceptions to grand opening. We typically start with community leaders, city planners, and government officials in areas that are best suited for a property. The most successful are smartly placed near public transit and aren’t concentrated together. Once interest is established, we work together to get the grants, tax credits and loans that we need to raise the money to begin construction.

The federal government’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program allots a certain number of tax credits to each state based on population. The states in turn award those credits to developers who sell the credits to investors gaining the necessary capital to facilitate the construction process. Once funds are in place, we hire a host of experts to bring all the pieces together—architects, engineers, environmental building consultants, construction contractors, and designers.