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The misunderstanding around affordable housing

We know how to make sustainable, affordable housing work in strong and revitalizing neighborhoods. It’s been our experience that resistance to affordable housing in neighborhoods is a simple lack of understanding.

In a policy brief published by The Center for Housing Policy they state, “The vast majority of studies have found that affordable housing does not depress neighboring property values, and may even raise them in some cases. Overall, the research suggests that neighbors should have little to fear from the type of attractive and modestly sized developments that constitute the bulk of newly produced affordable housing today.”

We’ve seen it happen time and again with our affordable housing developments. The Paces Foundation takes every measure to ensure success: revitalizing neighborhoods with beautiful buildings, not over concentrating properties in one area, placing them in low-crime areas, and ensuring strong management and upkeep for years to come. Our neighborhoods also benefit economically from the new jobs, construction, and tax incentives our properties bring to them.