What people are writing about us--Sharing ideas and educating communities

“After my husband’s continued failing health, we had lost our ranch style home and needed to find shelter. I was quite apprehensive of moving to this particular location and mixed emotions were overwhelming. You have been so kind, and all of your employees have been so courteous… and the quality of the surroundings have given us a sense of dignity. The longer that we are here, the more we grow to love it.”

–Donna Carpenter, Resident


“There could never be enough words to express my gratitude for my new apartment. I am at a tough time in my life… I have never felt more safe in my own home or more excited to come home to my beautiful place. I have such a sense of accomplishment… to start fresh and new. To be able to grow in a community with a sense of hope and prosperity is all I wanted and my prayers were answered… I love this place.”

–Tina Authement, Resident


“Thank you so much. We all enjoyed the Mother’s Day luncheon so much! You are really sweet to do this.”

–Elizabeth Rogers, Resident


“Thanks, thanks, thanks for standing up for me during my application process.”

–Yvonne Demings, Resident


“[What do I like best about living here?] I feel safe/secure…the people that I meet…the Sunday bread…your amazing activity room I had the pleasure to use!! And am so happy to live here.”

–Barbara Cunningham, Resident