Living longer. Special consideration.

Affordable housing that meets the needs of seniors

There are several reasons why seniors have a need to move into affordable housing. Many are living longer, are on fixed incomes and have a lack of retirement funds. Others need to turn the equity in their house into interest income or don’t want the responsibilities of maintaining property. In some cases, a death has occurred and there is a desire to move closer to family. Whatever the reason, the AARP Foundation reports that approximately 13 million low-income 50+ seniors are living in housing that they can’t afford or is simply inadequate. When rents climb more than 30% of their income, seniors often don’t get the health care they need burdening the system as a result.

The Paces Foundation makes sure to provide seniors with the homes, services and transportation they need to live healthy, stable lives in communities that care. The units carry elevators and safety rails, library, exercise and computer rooms, and classes that keep them involved and engaged. The environmental building codes we adhere to keep utility costs low and provide natural light for wellbeing.