Women & Children

Kids do better in stable homes

Affordable housing for families makes a difference

Raising children in a two-parent household can be financially difficult, especially for those in low-income positions. The Paces Foundation serves low-income families, but especially understands the burden that single parents, often women, undergo in raising children alone. The most important thing you can do as a parent is provide your kids with a decent, stable living environment with good schools and strong role models. Studies show that we curb so many problems when children grow up feeling secure in stable living environments versus not knowing where you may wake up next or worse fearing homelessness.

The Paces Foundation makes sure to provide low-income and single parent families with housing that is welcoming and kid-friendly. Our apartments are beautifully designed with lots of natural light. They have playgrounds, community rooms, and often have pools. We also provide services such as homework support hours and kids’ activities that give single moms a break. Appliances are all EnergyStar efficient and help keep utility bills low so more can be allocated for the things kids just need.